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About Us

IVEX Lab is an expert contract research company specializing in preclinical drug efficacy studies. We help investigators in their efforts to find safer and more effective treatments for major diseases, including cancer. Focusing to preclinical drug efficacy studies, our team develops novel tools that meet your experimental needs, ranging from molecular cloning and stable expression to in vivo xenograft studies.

IVEX Lab is company with highly experienced personnel as well as relevant technical infrastructure. Our laboratory facilities are situated in Tallinn University of Technology in Gene Technology Department. We have implemented live animal imaging methodology that enables to perform experiments with high sensitivity, accuracy and speed, at the same time reducing animal numbers.

Based on our accumulated experience and state-of-the-art technologies, IVEX offers high quality expert services at very competitive price.
IVEX uses lentiviral vectors to achieve stable expression in a cell line of choice. Such stable cell lines have the potential to serve as suitable disease models or producers of therapeutic RNAs/proteins (e.g. antibodies).
Furthermore, cells expressing bioluminescent or fluorescent proteins allow in vivo imaging, which is a very powerful method providing novel type of data in drug efficacy tests and at the same time reducing animal numbers.
In addition, IVEX are also open to various forms of sciencific collaboration (Horizon2020 etc).

 Achieve your research goals faster by using IVEX Lab in-house competences!